FBLA Visits Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary to Teach Dollars and Sense

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, thirty members of the Breathitt Area Tech Center Future Business Leaders of America club visited Marie Roberts-Caney Elementary to help with the 4-H “Dollars and Sense” program.

The program simulates budgeting and making smart buying choices. The 4th-6th grade elementary students are given a budget of $135 (in play money) and must visit and make a purchase from each of several stores (operated by the FBLA members). Each store has several buying choices in different price ranges. When students decide what they want to purchase, the FBLA members take payment for the purchase and record it in the students’ check registers.  The students must learn how to make wise choices so they can stay within budget. The young buyers are allowed to return items if they run out of money before visiting all stores. Some of the students learned about tough buying choices since they ran out of money before visiting all stores! At the end of the day, everybody had a great time and learned along the way, while also receiving a 4H piggy bank.

The program was organized by Mrs. Jessica Ritchie and Mrs. Jessica Gross of the University of Kentucky Extension Office 4-H Program. The members and advisers of Breathitt ATC FBLA would like to thank these ladies for the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile activity.


Haunted House Details

The  Haunted House will be open every Friday and Saturday night for the next three weeks (October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, and 29) starting THIS FRIDAY from 7-10pm at the Breathitt ATC.

FBLA members need to let Ms. Neace know what days they can work as well as what costume they have. Also, if you’re parents/guardians want to help, they are more than welcome.

Also, make sure to share the Breathitt ATC Facebook post about the event!

Welcome to Breathitt FBLA!

Welcome to Breathitt FBLA this year! I’m excited about the opportunities afforded to us this year with a plethora of people who are willing to work hard and achieve great things. This year I envision no less than doing the best we can accomplish. To start off, we need to recruit over 100 people this year and break a barrier that has never been summited.

FBLA also needs to get more serious about regional and state competition, because with these we can put our club on the map. It’s paramount to me that we take at least 40 hard working individuals to regional competition this year, and at least half of these need to advance to state competition. They’re both very great experiences, and I believe that we should make our presence known.

With this, I’d like to announce something very new. I am going to create two committees in order to influence our club and give us leverage we have never held before.

  • The Committee on Recruitment – To help get us over the large goal of 100 active members who will participate in the club. This committee will have 4 people who will be decided during our first meeting.
  • The Committee on Competition – To help our members who are going to do regional and potentially state competition. We want to get as many of our members to Louisville as possible, and this committee can help us accomplish that. This committee will have however many people are willing to work towards placing in a competition, and will have oversight from the FBLA advisors and officer team.

This is going to be a great year everyone, I’m excited and more energetic about this club than I’ve ever been, and I want you to be too! We have a great officer team this year who will be willing to help with anything you need, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Make this year one to remember, because we’re all capable of accomplishing great things.

— Zachary Rice, FBLA President.